No. 8846. W.K.F. 80.05 Austro-Hungarian Army Air Service
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W.K.F. 80.05

04/30/2009. In 1913 aircraft production was started by the Wiener Karosserie- und Flugzeugfabrik Dr. Wilhelm von Gutmann (W.K.F., Viennese Coach and Aircraft Factory). The W.K.F. 80.05, designed by Ing. Alfred Gassner, was a single-seat single-bay staggered triplane fighter of all-wooden construction, and utilized the so-called Fischrumpf (fish-shaped fuselage) .

Although outwardly looking conventional the machine was an advanced design, the wings had a single I-type, aerofoil-section inter-plane strut, while steering was via the upper plane aileron, the middle aileron followed as it was connected by a rod. It was powered by a 200 hp Austro-Daimler six-cylinder water-cooled in-line engine driving a four-bladed propeller of special Jaray configuration, and provision was made for twin synchronized 0.31 in (8 mm) Schwarzlöse machineguns.

The aircraft was first flown at the Viennese airfield Aspern in November 1917, but due to the extremely limited forward view from the cockpit by the very shallow cabane and the radiator bracing, it was not chosen for production. The machine was broken up in May 1919.

Created April 30, 2009