No. 8990. Aviatik 30.24 Austro-Hungarian Army Air Service
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Aviatik 30.24

05/31/2009. Remarks by Kees Kort: "The Austro-Hungarian Aviatik firm (officially named Ísterreichisch-Ungarische Flugzeugfabrik 'Aviatik' GmbH) built in October 1917 a triplane, designed by the brilliant chief designer Julius von Berg.

The machine was fitted with a 200 hp Daimler engine, note the radiator in front of the Daimler engine with the fill cap for water at the upper side. It was quite diminutive, upper wing span was 24 ft 0.6 in (7,33 m) and fuselage length was 20 ft 6.1 in (6.25 m).

The special four-bladed propeller actually consisted of two two-bladed propellers intentionally not mounted together at ninety degrees, as clearly visible. An Austro-Hungarian patent covered these propellers, which were produced by the Jaray propeller factory in Vienna. This type of propeller was only used by the Austro-Hungarian forces.

The triplane was extensively modified in tests of the Fliegertruppe and was eventually accepted in September 1918 when it obtained the official Austro-Hungarian army designation 30.24. The often quoted designation Aviatik Dr.I in recent literature is spuriously allotted by historians years later for easy reference, as is the designation Berg Triplane. The machine did not see operational action, as the war was then almost over."

Created May 31, 2009