No. 9356. Sablatnig C.I (7700/17) German Army Air Sewrvice
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Sablatnig C.I

10/31/2009. Remarks by Kees Kort: "The Sablatnig C.I was a conventional
C-type reconnaissance two-seater built by Sablatnig Flugzeugbau in Berlin in 1917 in at least 2 examples, 7700/17 and 7702/17. Characteristic is the construction which fixes the upper wing with the fuselage with three tubes at each side. Ailerons are on the upper and lower wing, connected together by an (extra) rod.

The aircraft was powered by a 180 hp Argus As III driving a two-bladed propeller, and armament was one Parabellum machine-gun, while also six 110 lb (50 kg) bombs could be carried. The machine was envisaged for night flying as an the trailing edge of the upper wing lights can be seen. In 1918 the C.I was developed into the Sablatnig N.I night bomber (N = Nacht)."

Created October 31, 2009