No. 9362. Dornier Do 19 V1 (D-AGAI c/n 701)
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Dornier Do 19 V1

10/31/2009. Initiated by the Luftwaffe Chief of Staff, General Walther Wever in 1934, Dornier designed the Do 19 four-engined long-range strategic bomber. To be operated by a crew of nine, comprising pilot, co-pilot/navigator, bomb-aimer, radio operator and five gunners, the aircraft was powered by four 715 hp Bramo (Siemens) 322H-2 nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engines.

Three aircraft were under construction when General Wever was killed in an air crash in June 1936 and only two months later the Luftwaffe changed its view and had no further interest in a four-engined strategic bomber.

However, the prototype Do 19 V1 was first flown on October 28, 1936, although without armament. Following initial test flights, showing the aircraft being underpowered, Dornier tried to sell the Do 19 as a transport, without any luck. After a total of 83 flights, amounting only 32 hours the aircraft was taken in 'Reichseigentum' (State property), and reportedly the aircraft was used as a transport in the Polish campaign. The unfinished other two prototypes
Do 19 V2 and Do 19 V3 were subsequently scrapped by Dornier.

Created October 31, 2009