No. 11574. American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer (C-FNFM c/n 1331-2002)
Photographed at Waterville, Nova Scotia, Canada, by Bob McLeod

American Champion 7GCBC Citabria Explorer

09/30/2012. The 7GCBC was developed in 1965 by the Champion Aircraft Corporation at Osceola, Wisconsin. In 1970 the 7GCBC rights were acquired by the Bellanca Aircraft Corporation of Alexandria, Minnesota, in 1982 the rights went to the unrelated Champion Aircraft Company of Houston, Texas, while in 1989 the rights ended up with the present keeper American Champion Aircraft Corporation of Rochester, Wisconsin.

Produced in 2002, the pictured aircraft was registered N271PC and received its CofA on June 28 of that year. It was registered to George W. Roth of Ludington, Michigan on November 20, 2002. In 2002 the aircraft was exported to Canada and on May 3, 2006 it was registered as C-FNFM to Tower Auto Parts of Truro.

On July 30, 2010, C-FNFM took off in foggy marginal weather from Valley Airport (just north-east of Truro), for a flight to Fredericton International Airport, New Brunswick. At a height of about 300 ft (90 m) the pilot lost control and crash-landed close to the airport. The pilot and passenger escaped major injuries, the aircraft was a write-off ( Kevin Harvey/CBC).

Created September 30, 2012