No. 11521. Morrow 1-L (NX33661)
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 746

Morrow 1-L

08/31/2012. The Morrow Aircraft Corporation was formed by Howard Morrow at San Bernardino, and a new plant was erected on the San Bernardino County Airport. The Company went into operation on April 1, 1941, developing a two-seat training monoplane suitable for use under the Civilian Pilot Training Program. In order to eliminate the use of strategic materials a plastic-bonded plywood construction was used. The prototype, also referred to as Victory Trainer, was completed in the late Summer of 1941, however, no production followed. Here the data from the Jane's 1941 issue:

TYPE. Two-seat training monoplane.
WINGS. Low-wing cantilever monoplane. Wing section NACA 4400. Dihedral 7.6. Center-section has two spars. Outer wings of monospar construction with detachable wing-tips. Plastic-bonded plywood structure. Low-drag slotted flaps.
FUSELAGE. Oval section of plastic-bonded plywood construction. Welded steel tube structure built into cockpit enclosure to protect occupants in case of overturn.
TAIL UNIT. Cantilever monoplane type. Plastic-bonded plywood construction. Trimming-tabs in elevators.
UNDERCARRIAGE. Retractable type. Wheels raised inwardly into underside of center-section. Hydraulic operation. Oleo-spring shock-absorbers.
POWERPLANT. One 175 hp Lycoming O-435 six-cylinder horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine on welded steel-tube mounting. Fuel capacity 27 gal (102 l) (normal). 66 gal (250 l) (maximal). Oil capacity 3 gal (11.35 l).
ACCOMMODATION. Tandem enclosed cockpits with complete dual control and instruments. Doors to each cockpit.
DIMENSIONS. Span 30 ft 4 in (9.24 m), Length 25 ft 4 in (7.72 m), Height 7 ft 9 in (2.36 m), Wing area 142.5 sq.ft (13.24 sq.m).
WEIGHTS and LOADINGS. Weight empty 1,672 lb (759 kg), Disposable load 564 lb (256 kg), Weight loaded 2,236 lb (1,015 kg), Wing loading 15.69 lb/sq.ft (76.56 kg/sq.m), Power loading 12.78 lb/hp (5.8 kg/hp).
PERFORMANCE. (Estimated) Maximum speed 180 mph (288 kmh), Cruising speed 160 mph (256 kmh), Landing speed 53 mph (85 kmh), Initial rate of climb 900 ft/min (274.5 m/min), Service ceiling 17,500 ft (5,340 m), Cruising range (normal) 400 mls (640 km), Cruising range (maximum) 1,000 mls (1,600 km).

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