No. 12437. Monocoupe Monosport G (NC11791 c/n G-35-1)
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Monocoupe Monosport G

06/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Based on the M-6 of 1932, the Monosport G became Al Mooney's tenth design (hence also known as the M-10), a side-by-side two-seat low-wing open monoplane powered by a 90 hp Lambert R-266 five-cylinder air-cooled radial engine. Registered X11791, the aircraft was first flown in the fall of 1935.

In 1936 Al converted the Monosport G into a cabin aircraft by raising the fairing behind the cockpit and installing a higher, cleaner windshield, with a sliding hatch to cover the cockpit area. The converted aircraft, pictured above, and two additional cabin Monosport Gs plus plans, tooling and the rights were bought by Knight Culver, a Monocoupe dealer from Columbus, Ohio. Culver formed the Dart Manufacturing at Columbus and the Monosport G was certified and built as the Dart G, later it was redesignated Culver Dart G."

Created June 30, 2014