No. 12787. Taylorcraft A (NC19008 c/n 114)
Photographed at Merced, California, USA, 1974, by Dan Shumaker

Taylorcraft A

04/30/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "When the famous Clarence Gilbert Taylor left Piper in 1935, he formed the Taylor Aviation Co. at Butler, Pennsylvania in 1936. In July 1936 the company moved to Alliance in Ohio and in April 1937 William C. Young joined Taylor as a partner and the company was renamed Taylor-Young Airplane Co., while in 1938 the company was reorganized as the Taylorcraft Aviation Corp.

After Taylor left Piper he set about designing a new two-seater which was superficially similar to the Taylor Cub, except for having side-by-side seating. Powerplant was a 40 hp Continental A40 engine. The prototype, designated Model A and registered X16393 (c/n 25), was first flown in 1936 and the type gained its Type Certificate A-643 in 1937. The first production aircraft was delivered in mid-1937, and the type was a considerable success. Production switched to the B-series after 606 Model A aircraft had been built."

Created April 30, 2015