No. 13031. Grahame-White VI Military Biplane
Photographed at Hendon, UK

Grahame-White VI Military Biplane

12/31/2016. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "J.D. North designed the Type VI Military Biplane which was exhibited at the 1913 Olympia Aero Show in London. The tail was supported on three booms, the uppermost of which was used as a bearer for the propeller, with the control wires for the tail passing through the center of the propeller boss. This arrangement originated with Horatio Barber. The 120 hp Austro Daimler scheduled for the machine was not fitted at the Show, its place being taken by the 90 hp Austro-Daimler. This was mounted at the front of the deep nacelle, an extension shaft passing to the rear to drive the propeller by a chain. The Colt machinegun in the nose had a 50 vertical and 180 horizontal field of fire. In addition to the pilot, two passengers were carried at the front of the nacelle and were accommodated on sprung seats over the tool boxes on each side of the engine. The controls were mounted on ball-bearings.

Created December 31, 2016