No. 13032. Ireland Meteor
Photographs from NASM

Ireland Meteor

12/31/2016. Remarks by Dan Shumaker: "The Ireland Meteor was produced early in 1926 as an efficient four-seater commercial biplane, incorporating the 90 hp Curtiss OX-5 engine. The fuselage was of fabric-covered steel-tube construction, it was of rectangular section at the cockpits and gradually changed to a triangular section towards the tail.

There were two open cockpits, the pilot was seated in the front cockpit, with one passengers on his right. The back cockpit accommodated two passengers side-by-side and was very roomy. A baggage compartment, with room for two suitcases, was provided, and if desired the rear cockpit could be transformed into a mail compartment of more than the capacity of the standard de Airco D.H.4 mail plane.

The engine mounting was quickly detachable, and provision was made for fitting the 160 hp Curtiss C-6 or the l80 hp Hispano-Suiza in place of the OX-5. The 200 hp Wright Whirlwind engine could be installed by the substitution of a slightly modified mounting.

The wings were of the unstaggered, single-bay type and the undercarriage was of the axle-less type.

Created December 31, 2016