No. 9140. Ford 8-AT-A (X8499)
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Ford 8-AT-A

07/31/2009. The most radical departure made by Ford from the Tri-Motor formula was the single-engined 8-AT-A freighter, that consisted of a 5-AT-C fuselage and wings, with the outboard engines deleted. Eventually, it was flown with no less than six different powerplants.

Registered 8499, the first flight took place on July 30, 1929, powered by a 575 hp Pratt & Whitney Hornet A, subsequently a Hornet B was fitted. Next, a 535 hp Bliss Jupiter 9000 (1) was fitted, later a 575 hp Wright Cyclone. On April 7, 1931 the 8-AT-A was flown fitted with a 650 hp Hispano-Suiza 12NB (2) twelve-cylinder liquid-cooled in-line engine, and registered X8499 (3), it was exhibited at the Detroit Air Show (4) in the same year.

Three years later the aircraft was converted into an eleven passenger airliner, and fitted with a 700 hp Wright Cyclone GR-1820-F1 engine. The conversion was approved on August 16, 1934, and the aircraft was registered NC8499 to Pacific Alaska Airways, it was pictured at Cordova (5) and Fairbanks (6), Alaska. In 1938 the aircraft was sold to the Sanabria Mines Ltd. of Guapi, Colombia.

Photo sources:
1. Unknown, taken May 10, 1930, via Hudek Aeronautical collection.
2. Ford, taken April 21, 1931, via Hudek Aeronautical collection.
3. Ford, taken April 21, 1931, via Hudek Aeronautical collection.
4. Unknown, taken 1931, via Hudek Aeronautical collection.
5. Taken 1934, by Lloyd Jarman, via Jim Ruotsala collection
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Created July 31, 2009