No. 8924. Friedrichshafen FF 45 G.III (180/17 c/n 2813) German Army Air Service
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 718

Friedrichshafen FF 45 G.III

05/31/2009. The G.III bomber was the third Grossflugzeug (large aeroplane) produced by the Flugzeugbau Friedrichshafen and first appeared in February 1917. Powered by two 260 hp Mercedes D IVa six-cylinder water-cooled in-line engines the aircraft could carry a crew of three and a bomb load of 1,102 lb (500 kg).

Friedrichshafen, together with license builders Daimler Motorengesellschaft Werke, and Hansa & Brandenburgische Flugzeugwerke, produced a total of 245 G.III's and 93 G.IIIa's (designated FF 61, and fitted with a twin biplane tail).

On January 19, 1918, the pictured aircraft was damaged by anti-aircraft gunfire and force-landed behind Belgian lines. Repaired it was pressed into services with Belgium's No.4 Squadron.

Created May 31, 2009