No. 12576. Sportavia-Pützer SFS-31 Milan (D-KIRL c/n 6606)
Photographed at Dahlemer Binz, Germany, 1971, by Ron Smith

Sportavia-Pützer SFS-31 Milan

09/30/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The SFS-31 Milan was developed by the Sportavia-Pützer GmbH & Co KG in co-operation with Scheibe Flugzeugbau GmbH, the well-known glider producer. The design used the basic Sportavia RF-4D fuselage and engine, which were mated to the wings of the Scheibe SF-27M glider. The prototype Milan, registered D-KORO (c/n 6601) was first flown on August 31, 1969 and a total of 12 aircraft of the type was completed by Sportavia in Germany. Engine in the SFS-31 was a 39 hp Rectimo (converted VW) 4 AR 1200.

The pictured aircraft was built in 1971, it wears the taped registration D-KIRL, and although it was registered on the British register as G-ARYL on January 19, 1971, the aircraft was delivered to the UK in early April. After it had several owners in England and Scotland, it crashed at Bincombe near Weymouth on June 14, 1986, seriously injuring the pilot. It was deregistered on March 26, 1987 as permanently withdrawn from use.

Created September 30, 2014