No. 1695. Gabardini Monoplano (I-AXAL)
Photographed at Cameri, Italy, source unknown

Gabardini Monoplano

07/31/2002. Remarks by Carlo Soliani: "One or two seater basic trainer, widely used at Gabardini Flying School from 1913 until its forced closing in 1930. This aircraft was nicknamed "Gabarda" and was characterized by good handling characteristics, despite its awkward look.

The photo-montage shows two "Gabarda" flying like pylon racers around the control tower of the Gabardini Flying School. It is possible to see the memorial plate (still existing today) that shows the names of all pilots (about 1,470) licensed by the Gabardini School up to December 1922.

This type was produced in several versions (each with all-steel airframe, covered by fabric), at that time the concept of series production was not applicable, consequently there were great differences between one an aircraft and another, even if both almost theoretically of the same type.

The following table is merely an attempt to give an idea of the possible variations.

Created July 31, 2002