No. 12473. Consolidated 28-5A Canso A (CF-OBK c/n CV 429)
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Consolidated 28-5A Canso A

07/31/2014. Remarks by John Stiff: "This Canso was originally built by Consolidated Aircraft for the Royal Canadian Air Force under the RCAF serial 11090 (c/n CV 429). In 1946, it was decommissioned and sold April, 1946 to The Ontario Department of Lands and Forests. This government agency registered this amphibious aircraft as CF-OBK, where it was converted to spray forests against insects, as well as retardant for forest fire-fighting and protection. Based at Fort William (now Thunder Bay), Ontario until October, 1947, CF-OBK was sold to a Canadian aircraft broker, who re-sold it to Panair de Brasil, Belen, Brazil.

In Brazil the aircraft was registered PP-PCW and named Bandeirante Pedro Teixeira. (Bandeirante is Portuguese for Scout). The big amphibian began a career during 1948 in airline service. Eventually it was leased to another Brazilian air service, Cruzeiro do Sol, in 1965. The aircraft was lost on October 17, 1968, when it crashed while landing at Canutama, Brazil. It had landed wing low, the nose submerged, and the cabin flooded. It floated fifteen minutes before sinking, claiming the lives of four passengers."

Created July 31, 2014