No. 10778. Lasher Renegade I (N1031A c/n B96)
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Lasher Renegade I

08/31/2011. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The Renegade I was a design of Charles W. Lasher and intended as Formula V class racer. The design was largely based on the Cassutt Special III , but was made suitable to accept VW or VW-based engines.

The first aircraft was built by M. Ricketts and after eighteen months of construction it was first flown in 1974, registered N73RL (c/n B15). Of conventional construction with all-wood wings and fabric-covered fuselage, the single-seat aircraft was powered by one 55 hp Volkswagen VW1600 motor car engine.

N73RL took second and third places in the Formula V competition at the 1978 and 1979 Cleveland National Air Races respectively, and was used for aerobatic displays. Plans for amateur construction were marketed via Southern Aero Corporation of Miami Lakes, Florida, after 1983 via Charles Lasher. At least four Renegade I aircraft were completed in the USA: N73RL, N1031A, N35DE, and N64JM (designated Michalak R-1).

Created August 31, 2011