No. 11127. Seibel GS-2 Starling (C-GUDA)
Photograph from Seibel

Seibel GS-2 Starling

01/31/2012. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The two-seat Starling was developed by GŁnter Seibel of Canada and was built using a Piper J3 fuselage and tail section, which were mated to original design wings which Seibel had built for a his projected (but unbuilt) four-seat floatplane. The GS-2 made the first flight on November 29, 1976 with an open cockpit and a 65 hp Continental A65 engine. The following year it was modified with a cockpit canopy, canted wingtips and also re-engined with a 90 hp Continental C90-16F. The one-off aircraft was dismantled in 1982."

Created January 31, 2012