No. 11128. HB-Flugtechnik HB-207V RG Alfa (D-EBAH c/n 207-007)
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HB-Flugtechnik HB-207V RG Alfa

01/31/2012. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The HB-207 Alfa was an entirely new design by Heino Brditschka of HB Flugtechnik GmbH, Haid, Austria, and was developed in co-operation with HB Aviation in Holland (marketing) and available in kit form. The first prototype (OE-CHC c/n 207001) had an 110 hp Porsche/VW HB-2400 G/2 engine, a retractable tricycle type undercarriage and it first flew March 14, 1995. This aircraft was later also flown with a fixed type undercarriage.

Original plans called for use of several engines in the 100 to 150 hp range, but most aircraft that were completed had the 110 hp Porsche/VW engine which was recommended by HB Flugtechnik. Deliveries on kits started during 1997, and examples were built in several countries, including Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

HB-207V. Designation used for aircraft with a fixed tricycle undercarriage.

HB-207V RG. Designation applied to the HB-207V completed with a retractable undercarriage.

HB-207R. Designation for aircraft fitted with an 100 hp Rotax R912 engine, a longer nose, and fixed tricycle type undercarriage.

HB-207R RG. Designation for HB-207R completed with a retractable undercarriage.

D-EBAH is fitted with the 110 hp Porsche/VW engine driving a geared five-bladed HB Flugtechnik HB-VP-5G 170 160 RZ propeller, producing a noise level of 63.6 dB, well below the ICAO limit of 74.2 dB."

Created January 31, 2012