No. 11539. Indraéro Aéro 101C (F-PGIC c/n 3) "l'Aero-Plane"
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Indraéro Aéro 101C

08/31/2012. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The two-seat Aero 101, which featured a wood and fabric construction, was a design of C. Jacquet and built by Indraéro SA. The Model 101 was intended as a light sport aircraft and trainer for the SALS. Powered by a 75 hp Minié 4DC-2 engine, it flew in prototype form on July 27, 1951.

The very similar production model Aéro 101C was fitted with a 65 hp Continental A65 and the first Aéro 101C was modified from the original Aéro 101 prototype. One Model 101C was later re-engined with a 90 hp Continental C90 by its owner in Switzerland. In all, twelve aircraft were produced, including two prototypes."

Created August 31, 2012