No. 11547. Estivals ED-3B (F-POIN c/n 02)
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Estivals ED-3B

08/31/2012. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "This one-of-a-kind homebuilt aircraft had a somewhat chequered career was produced by René Estival and Jean Domecq in Morocco during the late-1950s and was first flown as the
ED-3 on June 17, 1959, registered F-PJDO (c/n 01). It was essentially a much rebuilt pre-war Léopoldoff Colibri with an enclosed cockpit, shortened equal length wings, and a 65hp Continental A65 engine. Retrospectively the aircraft was also referred to as the ED-3 No.1.

The aircraft was seriously damaged in an accident in 1962 and was extensively rebuilt by Estival. It was fitted with 90 hp Continental C90 engine and slightly shortened wings. Redesignated ED-3B and reregistered F-POIN (c/n 2) it flew again on July 30, 1967. The aircraft was also referred to as the ED-3 No.2, it went into storage in 1989, and on August 10, 1992 it was sold to Alain Gourio.

Subsequently the aircraft was sold to Michel Boudigues who modified the aircraft to resemble a WW I biplane. Modifications included an 100 hp Continental O-200-A engine with the cylinders now protruding the cowl, the cockpit canopy was removed, and it received a grey paint scheme with military markings. The modified aircraft flew again on June 19, 1998, reregistered F-PLMB (c/n 04.98) as Boudigues Léopoldoff LMB. Circa 2006 it was painted red, with other military markings.

Created August 31, 2012