No. 11909. Nicollier HN-500 Bengali (F-PFHN c/n 01)
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Nicollier HN-500 Bengali

05/15/2013. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The HN-500 was the second original design of Henri Nicollier and was originally built for personal use and was not intended for amateur construction. Fitted with a 100 hp Continental O-200-A engine, the aircraft first flew on June 9, 1988, although the aircraft structurally already had been completed in 1979.

However, in 1996 plans were announced to market the HN-500 for amateur construction, but development was slowed down to concentrate of the HN-700 design. By 2006 no additional HN-500s had been completed and the sole prototype aircraft has joined the collection of the Musée Régional de l`Air at Angers."

Created May 15, 2013