No. 12217. Stolp SA-900 V-Star (N15XX c/n 32074)
Source unknown

Stolp SA-900 V-Star

12/31/2013. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The SA-900 V-Star was developed by the Stolp Starduster Corporation as an inexpensive homebuilt offering aerobatic performance. The new design was more or less a biplane development of the earlier SA-500 Starlet and the first V-Star made the first flight in July 1972, with a 65 hp Continental A65 piston engine. At least nineteen further aircraft were completed, with engines in the 65-150 hp range such as the Lycoming O-235, O-290, O-320 or similar. The pictured aircraft was built in 1975 by Adams-V-Star Builders of Palos Heights, Illinois, USA."

Created December 31, 2013