No. 12314. Tsilefski TG-01 Malech (F-PYIN c/n 01)
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Tsilefski TG-01 Malech

02/28/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The TG-01 Malesh single-seat sport aircraft made the first flight on September 23, 1980. The all-wood construction and original design homebuilt aircraft was built by the designer, Yugoslav-born Giovan (Jean) Tsilefski and the development and construction had started in 1970. Initially it was planned to fit the aircraft with a modified CitroŽn GS car engine, but the unique TG-01 was completed and flown with a 44 hp VW1500 engine. The aircraft was still on the French register in 2014."

Created February 28, 2014