No. 12584. Brown Star-Lite (N121CT c/n 121)
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Brown Star-Lite

09/30/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The SL-1 Star-Lite sporting monoplane was an original design of Mark Brown of San Antonio, Texas, USA. Design started on January 15, 1980, construction of the prototype by the designer started on February 17, 1982. This aircraft had partly fabric covering and was fitted with wing spoilers and a 20 hp Zenoah 250 two-stroke engine. Registered N88SL the aircraft was first flown on May 17, 1983. At Oshkosh 1983, the Star-Lite won the 'Outstanding New Design' award, and at the same meeting took first place against fifteen other flight tested aircraft in the ARV (Air Recreation Vehicle) design competition organized by The Western Flyer magazine and sponsored by Dupont Kevlar Division, the EAA, AOPA and other organizations.

A second machine represented the planned kit version and had plywood covering, flaperons and it used a 40 hp Rotax 447 engine. This aircraft first flew in 1984 and was later also tested with various other engines, including the Kawasaki TA440. Subsequently Brown, a professional aerospace engineer with the Fairchild Aircraft Corporation, formed Star-Lite Aircraft to market kits of component parts and construction manuals of the SL-1 and from 1986 a tricycle type undercarriage version became also available. The type was withdrawn from the market in 1990 and reportedly some 35 examples were built worldwide. The pictured aircraft was built by Joseph L. Torbett, and presently is registered to Don L. Adams of Tulia, Texas.

Created September 30, 2014