No. 12704. Peris JN-1 (N85JN c/n 059)
Photograph from James Peris

Peris JN-1

01/31/2015. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The JN-1 was an original design light plane by James E. Peris of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, with emphasis on easy and fast construction. The prototype was powered by a 38 hp Kawasaki TA440 engine and registered N85JN it was first flown on June 16, 1985. The aircraft was constructed by the designer, with help of several friends. After the death of the designer, the marketing of plans was continued by Nancy Peris. The JN-1 was suitable for engines in the 35 to 65 hp range and it had a mixed wood/tube/composite material construction. A small number of JN-1 aircraft was completed in the USA in both the experimental (with N-number) and ultra-light categories."

Created January 31, 2015