No. 13111. Lorraine KV-3A (F-WAQI)
Photographed at Brienne Le Chateau, France, by Walter van Tilborg

Lorraine KV-3A

05/27/2017. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The KV-3A motor glider was developed by Roger Kieger and Georges Vaisse (hence KV-3A) and was built by Lorraine Aviation (trading as Loravia) at Yutz. It was based on a Scheibe SF-28 Tandem Falke fuselage and tail surfaces, fitted with shortened Lorraine LCA-12 (license-built version of Scheibe SF-27) glider wings and a 35 hp Hirth 493 engine. Registered F-WAQI it first flew towards the end of 1985. Later the aircraft was redesignated KV-3B when a much more powerful 95 hp Hirth F30 engine was installed, making the aircraft suitable for use as a glider tug. Thereafter development of the KV-3 was halted.

However, Loravia did build a two-seat refinement, the KV-5, which registered as F-WASE first flew in 1991."

Created May 27, 2017