No. 7586. Kjeller PK X-2
Photograph from Forsvarets flysamling

Kjeller PK X-2

"The PK X-2 was a four-seater with an 800 shp General Electric YT-58 turbine engine. The first flight was made during 1960, but it was lost in March 1965 after some 23 hours of flight testing. Lack of funds prevented further development of the helicopter. Rotor diamater 42 ft 7.75 in (13.00 m), length 35 ft 6.4 in (10.83 m) and height 12 ft 3.65 in (3.75 m). The Kjeller PK X-1 and PK X-2 were the first, and so far, only indigenous helicopter designs in Norway. The aircraft were designed under leadership of Lt.Col. Paul Kj°lseth of the Royal Norwegian AF."

Created March 31, 2008