No. 7763. Starck A.S.70 Jac (F-AZGY c/n AG-01)
Photographed by Walter van Tilborg

Starck A.S.70 Jac

09/30/2014. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The small company of André Starck built several light aircraft designs after WW II and the A.S.70 Jac was first flown on May 23, 1945. The A.S.70 was the first postwar light aircraft in France to receive a CNRA (Certificat de navigabilité restreint d’Aéronef, Restricted CofA) granted to homebuilt aircraft. The aircraft had a 45 hp Salmson 9Ad radial engine and was during the 1990s completely restored and is still active as homebuilt. However, rather than being registered in the F-P... homebuilt series, it retained its F-AZGY registration in the antique/classic series. The A.S.70 was followed by a small number of aircraft, A.S.71 to A.S.75 (differing in the engine installed) and by the A.S.27, A.S.37, A.S.57, A.S.80 and A.S.90 designs. The Starck company produced some 23-25 aircraft and in addition four were produced by SRCA."

Created April 30, 2008