No. 7767. Pottier P.130L Coccinelle (F-PBCJ c/n 1000)
Photographed by Walter van Tilborg

Pottier P.130L Coccinelle

04/30/2008. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "F-PBCJ was the first P-130 that was completed and it was built by Mr. Jedan-Marc Laurent and powered by one 65 hp JPX 4T60A (VW-derived) engine. It made the first flight on July 13, 1998. The P-130 was one of many designs (at least 15) of Mr. Jean Pottier who served for many years as president of the RSA, the very successful French Association of Amateur Aircraft Builders. Sadly Mr. Pottier was killed in 2004 during testing of the P-320 design.

The P-130 development had been initiated by the RSA which wanted an easy-to-construct two-seater which could accept engines in the 65-90 hp range. By 2008 a small number had been built including tricycle gear and (French rules) ULM variants."

Created April 30, 2008