No. 8189. Fisher Celebrity (N8205H c/n AVI001)
Photograph from Aero Visions

Fisher Celebrity

04/30/2008. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "Mike Fisher is designer of a whole range of light aircraft available for the amateur constructor and many of these were marketed by several companies such as Aero Vision International, Fisher Aero Corporation, Fisher Flying Products.

The Celebrity kit plane was a slightly larger development of the Classic II and was the first Fisher design that was available with a steel tube fuselage instead of the more usual wooden fuselage. N8205H was the prototype which flew in 1989 under the power of a 65 hp Continental A65. The Celebrity could accept engines in the 65 to 125 hp range.

On June 08, 2002, the aircraft crashed in Chandler, Arizona, USA after both of the left wings of the aircraft separated in flight. Both the pilot and his passenger were killed."

Created September 30, 2008