No. 9176. Tipsy Junior (OO-ULA c/n J.111)
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Tipsy Junior

07/31/2009. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The Junior was an original design of Ernest Oscar Tips and his first post-war type that was built. The first of two aircraft built, registered OO-TIT (c/n J.110) on April 9, 1948 was first flown on June 30, 1948 under the power of a 62 hp Walter Mikron II engine.

The pictured second example appeared also in 1948 and had a 35hp JAP J.99 engine, in 1952 it also received a Mikron II engine. Tips, managing director of Avions Fairey at Gosselies, Belgium, sold it to Fairey Aviation Co. Ltd., it was registered G-AMVP on March 5, 1953. Then in 1973 it received a bubble canopy. While the fate of OO-TIT is unknown, G-AMVP is still registered as of this day.

A third Junior was planned with a 65hp Continental SA65 and a bubble canopy, but this was never completed.

Created July 31, 2009