No. 9189. McKenzie BD-5 M.R.O. (N5475E c/n 0985)
Photograph from Roderick McKenzie

McKenzie BD-5 M.R.O.

07/31/2009. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "After the ambitious Bede BD-5 Micro project had stranded, many builders were left with uncompleted airframes. Rod McKenzie was one of at least two designers (Harvey Mace with his M-102 Scorchy being the other) trying to help.

McKenzie launched his M.R.O. (Micro Recovery One) in 1980 (first flight June 18, 1980) and although the BD-5 was transformed into a tractor type aircraft with a fixed tail wheel type undercarriage, the M.R.O. left the basic BD-5 structure (including the tail features) intact. McKenzie installed a 72 hp McCullogh 4318A two-stroke engine in the M.R.O. and plans at the time called for the marketing of conversion kits by Macair Associates USA, but no further aircraft were completed."

Created July 31, 2009