No. 11165. Hiller UH-12 H-23B Raven (8A-214 c/n 743) Royal Netherlands Army
Source unknown, via Lester A. Lovelock

Hiller UH-12 H-23B Raven

01/31/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The first helicopter of the Groep Lichte Vliegtuigen (GpLV, light aircraft Group) of the RNethArmy was delivered on June 8, 1955. In all 35 OH-23Bs were delivered under MDAP, they were flown and maintained by air force personnel. The aircraft received a number between 1 and 35, with the prefix 8A or 5G for 298 Squadron and 300 Squadron to which they respectively were assigned. In 1959 the squadron codes were replaced by the serials O-1 to O-35. By August 11, 1965 the Raven was withdrawn from use, most returned to the USA.

The pictured Raven was produced for the USAF under serial 54-2949, and was delivered in the Netherlands in December 1955. Initially coded 8A-214, it became O-15 in 1959, and was withdrawn from use in June 1965. Subsequently it was registered in the USA as N8507, the in Finland as OH-HHD, and then in Sweden as SE-HKI. Reportedly it was written off in an accident on June 11, 1990, however, on July 14, 2009 it reappeared on the US registry as N384SB."

Created January 31, 2012