No. 2578. Fairchild 92 XNQ-1 (75275) US Navy
Photographs from Fairchild, taken by Dan Frankforter
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 4500

Fairchild 92 XNQ-1

10/31/2013. The back of these photos are stamped: 'Fairchild T-31 Trainer', and have the following caption:

"Flight Single

Designed for economical operation, this T-31 trainer, built by the Fairchild Aircraft Division for the Air Forces, will give the flying cadet his primary and basic flight training in one type aircraft. Its design includes special safety features recommended by veteran pilots, Air Force and Navy training command records, flight instructors and psychologists. Its safety cockpit eliminates the complicated systems of previous trainers and places the controls and instruments in easily accessible positions, carefully worked out for manual efficiency."

Actually shown is the first of two XNQ-1 prototypes, while the second was loaned by the Navy to the USAF in 1949, temporarily designated T-31 by the USAF. Read also the remarks in photo 5415.

Created May 21, 2003