No. 6257. McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71 Delta Air Lines

McDonnell Douglas DC-8-71

03/15/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk : "This aircraft was built as a Douglas DC-8-61 also known as DC-8 Super 61. Due to the legislation for aircraft noise standards the DC-8 super series needed noise reduction modifications. In 1977 Cammacorp was founded as program manager for the project to re-engine the types with CFM56 turbofan engines. Cammacorp contractors were McDonnell Douglas, Air Canada, Delta Air Lines and UTA, who all performed the conversions. After the conversion the DC-8-61, -62 and -63 became the DC-8-71, -72 and -73, or DC-8 Super 71, 72 and 73. By Spring 1986 a total of 110 conversions were completed after which the program was ended and Cammacorp ceased operating."

Created March 15, 2007