No. 6881. McDonnell Douglas DC-9-81 (N980DC c/n 48000)
Photographs from McDonnell Douglas

McDonnell Douglas DC-9-81

09/30/2007. The prototype of the Super 80 series flew for the first time on October 18, 1979. The aircraft was severely damaged in a landing distance test at Edwards AFB, California, USA, on May 2, 1980. After being repaired the aircraft was not delivered to Swissair as planned (the registration HB-INA had been reserved), instead it was kept by the manufacturer for development and testing. In 1983 McDonnell Douglas renamed the Super 80 series MD-80 however that is a generic designation, the specific types were the MD-81,
MD-82, MD-83, MD-87 and MD-88, hence the prototype was also known as the MD-81.

The aircraft was used in testing the concept of a ultra high bypass engine driving counter-rotating multi-bladed fans. The port engine was replaced by the new powerplant and in this configuration it made its first flight on May 18, 1987. Engines and fans of different makes were tested; the aircraft was also known as the MD-80UHB. After the program was ended the aircraft was reconfigured with its original powerplant and was re-registered N560MD to the International Airline Support Group on October 4, 1991. Soon thereafter it was re-registered to McDonnell Douglas and the aircraft was dismantled at Sherman-Grayson, Texas by 1992 and subsequently scrapped in 1994.

Created September 30, 2007