No. 7321. Beech 73 Jet Mentor (N134B)
Photographs from Beech

Beech 73 Jet Mentor

01/31/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Americaís first light single-engine jet plane was a low-cost, economical, high-performance two-seat tandem jet trainer. The private venture was designed and built to Air Force and Navy specifications using many parts and production tooling from the Jet Mentorís predecessor, the propeller-driven T-34 Mentor.

The prototype was first flown by test pilot Tom Gillespie on December 18, 1955. It was evaluated by the USAF and US Navy, but none was ordered and N134B remained the only Jet Mentor built. The aircraft is presently at the Wichita Aviation Museum, although in a deteriorating state."

Created January 31, 2008