No. 8389. Aerostyle Breezer (D-MOBB c/n UL 002)
Photographed at Airborne, Flugplatz Stadtlohn-Vreden, Germany, September 2002, by Johan Visschedijk

Aerostyle Breezer

11/30/2008. The all-aluminum Breezer was designed by Aerostyle Flugzeugbau at Bordelum, Germany, and was flown for the first from nearby Husum on December 27, 1999. In October 2006 the company was renamed Breezer Aircraft and opened a new plant at nearby Reußenköge, while the type is marketed as a kit to home-builders. D-MOBB was first flown in 2001 and is owned by K. Daniels.

Created November 30, 2008