No. 8529. Gloucestershire Aircraft Sparrowhawk II (JN.401) Japanese Navy
Photograph from Military Aircraft Photographs (MAP)

Gloucestershire Aircraft Sparrowhawk II

01/31/2009. After WW I Gloucestershire Aircraft turned its attention to overseas and in January 1921 it received an order for 50 modified Nighthawk variants, the Sparrowhawk I, II and III, for service with the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Of similar construction to the Nighthawk, the 30 Sparrowhawk Is were single-seat, land-based fighter-scouts; the 10 Sparrowhawk IIs were two-seat dual-control trainers; and the 10 Sparrowhawk IIIs were single-seat, shipborne fighters, fitted with deck arrester hooks on the landing gear axle. All were powered by the 230 hp Bentley B.R.2 rotary engine.

By July 1921 all aircraft had been delivered and served with the Japanese naval air units until 1928. Gloucestershire Aircraft Co. Ltd. was renamed Gloster Aircraft Co. Ltd. on December 11, 1926.

Created January 31, 2009