No. 9475. Breguet Br 1100 ("X" c/n 1)
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Breguet Br 1100

11/30/2009. Although based broadly on the design of the Br 1001 Taon, the
Br 1100 single-seat ground attack and tactical light fighter preceded the former into the air. The Taon having been delayed in order to incorporate in part the then newly discovered area rule formula, the Br 1100 first flew on March 31, 1957, not featuring area rule.

Designed to meet the requirements of a Ministère de l'Air specification which dictated the use of paired lightweight turbojets (SNECMA R.105 Vestas, Hispano-Suiza R.800s or Turboméca Gabizos), the Br 1100 was intended to feature a fifteen-pack of 2.68 in (68 mm) Brandt SNEB Type 22 rockets internally or two 1.18 in (30 mm) DEFA cannon.

The Gabizo turbojet was selected for installation, this offering 2,668 lb (1,210 kg) s.t dry and 3,307 lb (1,500 kg) s.t with afterburning. Three prototypes were ordered, the third of which was to have been navalized, but only one was flown, the second (when 80 per cent complete) and third being cancelled for budgetary reasons.

Created November 30, 2009