No. 12241. Fisher FP-202 Koala (59-WO)
Photographed at Zoersel, Belgium, by Henk Wadman

Fisher FP-202 Koala

12/31/2013. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "This was one of more than fifteen homebuilt light planes designs of Michael E. Fisher and the FP-202 was developed from the earlier FP-101 and is almost certainly the most successful type in the Fisher range with several hundred completed worldwide.

Externally the FP-202 was configured to resemble a scaled-down Piper J-3 and it had an all-wood/fabric construction, like most of the Fisher designs. The Koala could be built as ultra-light/micro-light or as experimental, depending on the choice of engine and the empty weight.

The prototype was first flown in 1981 and powered by a 28 hp Rotax 277 two-stroke engine. The type was initially marketed by Fisher Aero Visions, then from 1994 by Fisher Aero Corporation and from 1998 by Fisher Flying Products Inc. (FFP). The latter company had several owners over the years and in 2007 FFP was sold to new owners who in 2009 moved the company from North Dakota, USA to Caledon, Province of Ontario, Canada.

The FP-202 could accept engines in the 28-40 hp range and is still available, together with other Fisher types such as the FP-303, FP-404, FP-505 Skeeter, FP-606 Sky Baby, Celebrity, Classic, Dakota Hawk, Horizon 1 and Horizon 2, Avenger, R-80 Tiger Moth, Super Koala (two-seat variant of FP-202) and Youngster."

Created December 31, 2013