No. 8889. Piasecki PV-3 HRP-1 Rescuer US Navy
Photograph from Boeing Vertol

Piasecki PV-3 HRP-1 Rescuer

04/30/2009. Remarks by Ray Watkins: "The concept demonstrator of the model PV-3, designated the XHRP-X ‘Dogship’, had its first flight in May 1945. Two prototypes, designated XHRP-1 (BuNo. 37968 and 37969), were produced for testing by the USN and by the company.

The XHRP-1 differed considerably in appearance from the XHRP-X. The cockpit glazing was changed from a forward sloping straight profile to a bow-shaped profile. The rear shape of the fuselage was greatly reduced in profile from a parallel-sided wedge shape to a much rounder and tapered profile with an upturned end section forming the rotor masthead, guaranteeing that the aircraft would be referred to a ‘flying banana’. A braced horizontal wing was attached at the back of the rear section with large rhomboidal endplates fitted at each end. The large doughnut-shaped covers on the rotor heads were deleted.

All testing was completed by early 1947 and an initial production order placed for ten HRP-1’s (BuNo. 111809 to 111818). A second batch of ten was ordered later with the last delivery made in 1949.The production HRP-1 had a very similar fuselage profile to the XHRP-1 but the cockpit glazing reverted to a straight profile similar to that of the XHRP-X. The steel frame fuselage was covered by fabric and a 600 hp Pratt & Whitney R-140-AN-1 provided power.

The photo shows a demonstration of the rescue by ladder of downed crewmen from a life-raft at the opening of the Idlewild Airport (presently John F. Kennedy Airport), New York, in August 1948."

Created April 30, 2009