No. 8890. Piasecki PV-17 HRP-2 Rescuer (111829 c/n 1) US Marine Corps
Photograph from Boeing Vertol

Piasecki PV-17 HRP-2 Rescuer

04/30/2009. Remarks by Ray Watkins: "The HRP-2 was an extensively modified development of the HRP-1 Rescuer which had been used primarily for service evaluation by USMC HMX-1 (Marine Helicopter Squadron One).

The PV-17 had a longer, streamlined fuselage of all-metal construction with a shape reminiscent of the original XHRP-X 'Dogship' rather than the distinctly banana-shaped HRP-1. The two crew seating positions were side-by-side and moved forward of the front rotor head to improve visibility. The cabin was enclosed in a moulded rear-sloping windscreen instead of the reverse-raked 'birdcage' on the HRP-1.

Only five examples of the HRP-2 were produced and three joined their antecedents at HMX-1. The picture shows the first HRP-2 with a high-mounted horizontal stabilizer which was replaced by a mid-mounted stabilizer with large endplates similar to the HRP-1."

Created April 30, 2009