No. 11406. Rhön-Rossitten Zögling (PH-44)
Photographed at NAS De Kooy, Den Helder, the Netherlands, 1938, via Wout Kleppe

Rhön-Rossitten Zögling

06/30/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Wout Kleppe (Jaap's uncle) "in the cockpit" of an E.S.G. (Einheits-Schulgleiter, standard school glider), referring to a series of similar aircraft, which were developed in Germany during the 1920s. One of these types was the Zögling (Pupil) designed by Fritz Stamer and Alexander Lippisch, while they worked at the Technical Branch of the Rhön-Rositten Gesellschaft (RRG, world’s first officially recognized gliding organization). Plans were made available to other constructors and many variants were produced. The type is also found as the Stamer-Lippisch Zögling.

The pictured aircraft was built by members of the Heldersche Zweefvliegclub (soaringclub of Den Helder), in June 1936. During WW II it was stored at the Central Workshop of the National Gliding Center at Terlet near Arnhem. It was destroyed in September 1944, when after the Battle of Arnhem, German troops cleared the Central Workshop and used it as a stable."

Created June 30, 2012