No. 797. Douglas DC-7C (HB-IBK c/n 45061) Swissair "Zürich"

Douglas DC-7C

02/15/2007. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This was the 733rd DC-6/DC-7 built and was delivered to the Swissair of Zurich, Switzerland, on November 7, 1956. It was sold to SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) of Copenhagen, Denmark, in April 1960, registered LN-MOG and named "Leif Viking". In May 1963, it was sold to the French Air Force (L'Armee de L'Air) with s/n 45061 coded 85-CA and used by the French airline UTA (Union des Transports Aeriens) as F-ZBCA in the Pacific Atomic Test Center. In 1970, it was withdrawn from use and stored until acquired by The Museum of Air and Space (Musee de l'Air) at Le Bourget Airport in Paris. As of this date, the aircraft is in storage and not displayed."

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