No. 2472. Breda Ba 65 K.14 ("101-2", "101-10", "102-4", "102-9", et al) Italian Air Force
Photographed near Rome, Italy, ca. 1939
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 33

Breda Ba 65 K.14

05/20/2003. Remarks by Carlo Soliani: "The ground-attack aircraft Ba 65 K.14 was powered by a 700 hp Gnome-Rhone K.14 14-cylinder radial piston engine. These aircraft, photographed during the approach to Ciampino airport, belonged to 101ª and 102ª Squadriglia of the 5° Stormo Assalto. The one in the foreground is extracting the main undercarriage legs.

The Ba 65 A.80 was powered by an 1,000 hp Fiat A.80 RC.41 18-cylinder radial piston engine."

Created May 4, 2003