No. 2522. Fiat C.R.25 (MM332) Italian Air Force
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 69

Fiat C.R.25

05/20/2003. Remarks by Carlo Soliani: "Designed by Ing. Celestino Rosatelli, the pictured prototype first flew, powered by two 840 hp Fiat A.74 RC 38 engines on July 22, 1937 with commander Valentino Cus at the controls. The C.R.25 was at first conceived as a heavy fighter; its armament consisted of three 0.5 in (12.7 mm) Breda-SAFAT machine guns.

During official tests the C.R.25 showed good handling characteristics, but Regia Aeronautica selected the unlucky Breda 88 Lince. Consequently only eight C.R.25 were produced; the most part of these aircraft were used from July 1941 up to January 1943 for reconnaissance and escort to ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

Being a military prototype, the aircraft bears on the nose side the roundel enclosing the abbreviated manufacturer's name. In fact the letters "AI" mean "Aeronautica d'Italia" (Aeronautics of Italy) that was the official denomination of the Fiat aircraft division. The small oblique stripes on the rudder are painted with the Italian flag colors (red, white & green)."

Created May 12, 2003