No. 1707. Gabardini G.51 (I-AVEM c/n 685)
Photographed at Cameri, Italy, source unknown

Gabardini G.51

09/30/2011. Remarks by Carlo Soliani: "One/two seater basic trainer (equipped with a Le Rhône 80 or 110/120 hp rotative engine) used in Gabardini Flying School at Cameri during the second half of the twenties. Only 15 airframes were produced with great differences between them, including:

         I-AYCV, I-AYSO
G.51 bis: I-AAMN, I-AXAQ
G.51 dc: I-AAMX.

Giuseppe Gabardini did not sympathize with the fascist regime with which he developed a very bad relationship. Moreover, in the twenties the overall quality of Gabardini aircraft was not of a high level and the result was that the Gabardini school was forced to close down, the last flight was made on March 21, 1930. Gabardini was allowed to make repairs and maintenance only to a few Regia Aeronautica aircraft, mainly the old Ansaldo A.300.

Also limited work on a light civil aircraft was carried out, Gabardini last aircraft, the Lictor, which, in fact, was not a Gabardini project. It was developed by ing. Mario Bottini (later known for his Saiman 200 and 202 aircraft) from a foreign project. Bottini started to build his aircraft in Stradella, near Pavia. Since he could not finish the aircraft there, he made an agreement with Giuseppe Gabardini to complete the aircraft in his factory at Cameri.

The training aircraft (at least 71!) sat still unused in an hangar at Cameri Airfield, after five years they were useless and in 1935 almost all were scrapped. Only a few aircraft survived, including the Gabardini G.51bis now at the Caproni museum at Gardolo near Trento and the Gabardini Seaplane recently restored and now at Volandia Museum near Malpensa Airport, in the former Caproni-Vizzola plant.

Created August 8, 2002