No. 12703. Page Perco 4151CDM-2 (N4151W c/n 19772) "Wasp"
Photograph from Leonard Page

Page Perco 4151CDM-2

01/31/2015. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "The Perco was an original homebuilt aircraft which strongly resembled a scaled-down Ercoupe. The aircraft retained the accommodation for two persons, but now with tandem seating and it was developed and built by Leonard O. Page of Belleville, Arkansas, USA. The aircraft first flew on December 19, 1979 and had an 108 hp Lycoming O-235-C1B engine. In the construction of the Perco only few Ercoupe parts and components were used and these included fuel tanks, wing leading edge, vertical fins and the undercarriage. The type was not intended for amateur construction and the N4151W registration was cancelled on March 13, 1996."

Created January 31, 2015