No. 12719. Macchi M.70 (c/n 108)
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Macchi M.70

01/31/2015. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "In 1928, the Italian Air Ministry (Ministero dell'Aeronautica) announced new requirements for a light multipurpose aircraft to be used in flight schools as well as a touring or liaison aircraft. In 1929, the Macchi M.70 was selected to participate in the Air Ministry contest for this new multipurpose aircraft. In addition to the M.70, in the competition participated Fiat-Ansaldo AS1, AVIA FL.3, Breda Ba.15, CAB C.4, CANT 26, Caproni Ca.100, IMAM Ro.5, Magni Vittoria, Piaggio P.9 and Fiat-Ansaldo AS1, the latter eventual being selected.

The M.70 was a two-seat biplane, with controls in both cockpits, and was powered by an 80 hp Blackburn Cirrus II four-cylinder air-cooled in-line engine. The aircraft was of wooden construction, covered with plywood and fabric. The wings were foldable for easy storage or towing by a car. A robust undercarriage allowed takeoff and landing from unprepared fields. The aircraft could also be fitted with floats.

In 1930 the aircraft participated in the Giro Aereo d'Italia, finishing 9th place out of 53 participants. Specifically for the race the aircraft was re-engined with a similar engine of Italian make, the 80 hp Colombo S.53."

Created January 31, 2015